About us

Who we are? Happy Snap Photography is owned by a husband and wife team that work together to capture your special moments. Servicing Southeast Michigan and neighboring states. It is their desire to bring a new way of capturing and preserving your memories in a unique and kind way.  

Get to know Nette….

As a wedding photographer, Nette enjoys the four seasons of  Michigan  and she’s looking forward to finding new scenic spots for photography every season. Michigan, formerly Great Lakes State, has the most of the popular wedding photography locations in the country!

She is a very keen observer and have eyes on every wedding detail to capturing sweet moments of both the bride and groom. She loves to capture unguarded moments, intimate, beautiful & romantic portraits in pristine parks, historic sites and lakes of Michigan. She captures natural light photography with a touch of photo journalistic style and fine arts wedding photography. In post-processing, Nette enhanced and transformed images into fine-arts using filters, effects masks, and other Photoshop and Lightroom techniques to create unique and creative images.

Nette has an Entrepreneurial mind hence, the birth of the award winning Photo Booth Company, “Happy Snap Photo Booth LLC” along with her husband. They are very hands-on and guarantee their personal touch to their clients, thus, they became popular in the event and wedding industry around Michigan. They received the Couples’ Choice  Award from Wedding Wire six years in a row (from 2015-2020). They also received The Best of Weddings in 2020 from The Knot Wedding.  

Photography has been Nette`s passion prior to having a Photo Booth Company. She finished her photography course from Henry Ford College and had her Bachelor’s Degree in Education major in History at La Consolacion College in the Philippines, where she originally came from before migrating to Michigan. Her love for history aides her to photographs historic sites that not just offers rustic and scenic spot, but also commemorates the things from yesteryears.

Things she loves;

Nette loves Decaf coffee with her favorite cheese pastry and Blueberry Scone. In her leisure time, she likes to read and watch movies, she also love doing arts and crafts. Once in a while, she also sews little kitchen stuff such as Apron and do some alterations for her personal wardrobes. Nette, also enjoys cooking, as to his husband amusement said, “She is a good cook”, and that she can put up  her own restaurant. Her simple joys are eating her favorite Haagen Dazs Mango ice cream flavor during hot and cold days is one of her guilty pleasures.

Get to know Scott….

Scott learned photography, literally, when he watched the professional photographer ply his trade. His father was a professional photographer back in the 70`s and 80`s. Occasionally his dad would stick a camera in his hand and shoot candid portraits. After many years of being a hobbyist his skill was discovered and friends and neighbors began requesting for his services.

He cultivated his skills by taking photography trainings and seminars. His candid portraiture captures more than a subject. It portrays something about the subject and often about his or her activities. Scott shoot traditional and photo journalistic style and portraits photography.

Things he loves;

Scott loves muscle cars and hotrods. In his spare times, he drives his Camaro 68 hotrod and enjoys cruising around the scenic routes of Michigan. A former Band Member, he plays the Bass. He enjoys playing classic rock and roll music. When he became busy with their photography and photo booth business, he resigned from his band and concentrate in their new found niche. Music plays a big role in his life and will always will. Scott is a handy man, when he is not busy from his regular job and no photography and photo booth gigs, he loves to fix and repair things around the house. Aside from being a handy man, he also loves gardening and planting vegetables in their backyard during spring time.

He and his wife love to travel and dream to go around the world someday. They like to eat out and explore different cuisines. 

Nette and Scott are very passionate of their craft. They are known for their dedication and professionalism. Let us capture your special moments. If you are engaged, we invite you to call or email us to make an appointment. Let’s  talk and meet  in person.

Thank you for taking the time to check our website. Have a great day ahead.

God Bless,

Scott and Nette